My Darling, It’s All Yours

Tigress has gone from strength to strength as a small business selling vintage clothing and brand new designer clothing following the latest catwalk trends.

I’ve put together three collections for Spring/Summer 2018:

Desperately Seeking: Day to Evening Chic Apparel for all occasions from business to evening/pleasure

Feeling Minnesota: Casual every day spring/summer wear with an Americana/vintage floral/gelato colour/romantic feel

Babooshka: Glamorous evening wear and lingerie for the inner Tigress. Designer evening gowns and contemporary evening wear for the discerning glamour-puss



Tigress New Additions Slideshow

Link To Tigress Store on Ebay

Link to Tigress Store Facebook Page

I’m currently adding new additions to my Tigress store daily. Check out the above links for the store on ebay and our facebook page which has news, info and exclusive updates.

I’m adding more new season on-trend bold colours and polka dot dresses, spring/summer designer footwear, summer essentials, chemises and unique items most days so check in and spread the word!

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Tigress Ten Day Flash Sale!

Tigress is having a ten day flash sale with almost everything reduced, some by over 50%! There are some serious bargains to be had including reductions on brand new items and vintage labels. Payment does not need to be immediate on reduced items. Everything marked **Reduced** is a helluva bargain so enjoy your lazy Sunday with an internet shop. You could be looking fabulous in your new items by midweek!


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International Women’s Day Tigress

My store, Tigress is now open on ebay and sells new & vintage femme clothing for all genders and sizes. I take pride in hand-sourcing clothes and sending them beautifully wrapped and clean.

Have a look at my items on either my ebay store or check updates on my facebook page:

Tigress Ebay

Facebook Page for Tigress Store

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My Entire Wardrobe Part I

Hello followers,

I doubt I’ve written anything for my blog for an awfully long time. So much has changed. Very hard to do a catch up here but I lived in London for a while, Sunshine garnered shortlistings and a Somerset Maugham Award, I moved to Blackburn to be with my children with my partner, Robbie, and we adopted a cat and her three kittens. Now we live in a kind of quiet suburban paradise in comparison to the trials which were Hackney and South Tottenham. I also published a pamphlet with Offord Road Books titled Cumshot in D Minor which you can get hold of here: Buy Cumshot Here

Offord Road Books Melissa Lee-Houghton Page

Please do support ORB as they are a wonderful new press run by Martha Sprackland and Patrick Davidson Roberts, both wonderful poets in their own right.

I was very poorly last year as a lot of people know, and had major surgery to remove a mass in my breast. I had a life-threatening infection for many months but since recovering slightly I became unwell with severe symptoms of a neurological disorder and now often use a wheelchair and have found my life changed incomparably. It’s made traveling, doing readings, visiting friends, almost impossible. I found I couldn’t work so we’ve been struggling and so I’m selling all my clothes (there are a lot of them!) in the coming months, bit by bit, on ebay. Do please take a look and I will add more each month:

Melissa Lee-Houghton’s Ebay Shop Women’s Clothes and Vintage Clothes

There’s plenty of really cheap steals and buy it now on some items. I’ll be adding a bass guitar and lots of curios in the coming months, and maybe some poetry-type memorabilia and person items. I want to be able to take my son on some trips over the holidays and the money will really help us manage to do that. Please do RT/Share the link as this will help us a great deal.

I also have a Go Fund Me campaign I’ve received a hell of a lot of support from and which I’m beyond grateful for. I’ve opened it up again so do have a look to see what’s happening and if you can spare a fiver, it all helps so much.

Go Fund Me MLH

I’ll try and update more. MLH x

A Ten Question Interview With The Artist… Melissa Lee-Houghton

Your One Phone Call

Why do you write?

Because I don’t feel anything. Because I have an aptitude for philosophising through but not in sympathy with language. Because I hate words for inflicting silences on me. Because my mother told me I have too much to say for myself. Because I was told not to.

What books do you read?

Essays. Human vitriol. Dead white men. Psychoanalysis for the fatally flawed. Poets I like who don’t write like the other poets. Excess and correspondence in a file called ‘RUIN’. Dystopias that can’t even hope to be as fucked up as this reality we made so real.

What inspires you?

Bear Grylls. The lack of empathy of people who work in professions we subconsciously associate with empathy.

How did you know you wanted to be a writer and when?

Essentially, it was always a way of getting away from myself. I tried other things…

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