What’s Hot What’s Not


chuck berry

neil young

lachlan mackinnon

Time Alone

lovely green apples

being wrong sometimes

the trip

crying real tears

crazy people

talking to oneself

not having to take the train

clearing out clothes

walking at night

reading books with a four year old

time and space to write

lost season six (yes, I actually watched it)

the discovery of lattes


hearing Steven laugh until he’s beside himself

John Siddique

being honest

clean notebooks

making people laugh at you and with you and feeling that it’s ok

holding a book of your own work in your hands


epic three hour versions of lady gaga/cbeebies/meatloaf in my head

having no clothes left

being right about insignificant things

fireworks, including the Katy Perry song


spiders spinning down next to you when you’re watching telly

steven’s non-humane approach to removing spiders, personally I prefer the hoover


photographs of myself

having to pose for photographs

having photographs of myself publicly displayed

magazines who don’t tell you your work is in them

used car salesmen


caffeine rushes

90’s rock

shopping full stop

being permanently coerced and cajoled into doing things you really would rather not do

mixed moodswings

missing out whole words in sentences, sometimes two, by way of being too Lancashire

buying chocolates because they’re cheap, knowing they’ll never make it to Christmas


no new messages


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