A Body Made of You

My new book, A Body Made of You, my first collection will be published on the 1st April. Yes, April Fool’s Day!

You will be able to buy from Penned in the Margins or Inpress online. You will be able to purchase on Amazon also.



The collection is a series of ‘portraits’ of other writers, friends, strangers, lovers and artists. I wrote these during a difficult period where I was in and out of hospital but had such an intense creative kick; I interviewed and worked intuitively, and wrote the poems for the sitters as opposed to of. I loved the process so much that I am sure I will return to it again and again. I loved working with all the people involved. Some writing was successful, some not so but I had 108 poems when it started to feel ‘complete.’ It’s now carefully edited down to 80 pages, and I am looking forward to seeing the cover and feel so excited about it; it feels like it’s been such a long time coming.

When I found out that Penned… were going to publish my book (crafted so painstakingly, and I had thought no-one would be interested), I was on my way to the local pool for a swim, and I got into that pool and swam so fast, with such glee, because I was so excited and happy, and then I called my husband at work and I don’t think I could believe that someone actually had that much faith in it. I haven’t been out reading and getting myself known in that way so have hardly had any outside help or criticism, I have honed my skill through reading and writing alone. I got such a lot of positive feedback from the sitters though and that spurred me on to seek publication. I do lack a good deal of self-confidence, for whatever reason, and so it’s always a pleasant and unexpected surprise for me when someone takes to my work.

Sometimes I forget I have been working towards this all my life, that I have been writing seriously for nine years and that I have worked so hard. Eventually, if you put that much into it, you get some reward. I think the book owes a lot to the state of mind I was in at the time. I couldn’t write it now, my writing has developed since in a rather different way.

Tom at Penned.. has been wonderful, supportive and diligent. I am nervous about the book being published, of course. I have no idea what people will think, like and dislike. I wonder if anyone will review my book, whether it will be a success, whether I will sell many copies etc. I believe that it is a good book, I have put my all into it.

I am trying to think about where in the North West I could have a launch. I am open to any suggestions. I have thought of a few places but not sure. Also, if anyone is interested in reading, I would be grateful for the support. Watch this space!

Anyway, these are my thoughts for today:

Going Up


Late night visits to Ikea

Daim bars


Double mix chocolate cake

Long phonecalls

not seeing into the future

thai curry

Michael Egan

winter onions

Publication dates

double duvets

Damien Jurado

Flash fiction

watching ‘wanted down under’ in the depot clinic

fresh coffee

having the same dream as someone else

spelling tests

winter sunshine

First drafts

Going Down

Landlords coming for their rent

showing strangers your bottom

weak tea

two procycladine every morning

the News

being incapable of drinking more than half a glass of wine before falling asleep

burned casserole

sales calls when you’re just getting to that crucial line..

money (filthy stuff)

whole days of rain

pessismism (for  a change)

second drafts

not having a stitch to wear

the smiths

David Cameron (well he was never up was he)

small towns

indoor play areas

online shopping


absent inspiration

Thanks for dropping by!!

M x


8 thoughts on “A Body Made of You

  1. I am so excited to see the cover too, and read it cover to cover… I love the title, I think it’s perfect. Well done, so wonderfully deserved, enjoy every moment xx

  2. green room in Manchester

    Central Library in Manchester

    Everyman in Liverpool

    Martin Centre (Manchester Uni)

    one of the rooms at MMU

    or more informal settings

    Sandbar in Manchester

    Contact Theatre in Manchester etc

    So looking fwd to this!

  3. I’m not sure where to have a launch, I am nervous about having it in Manchester as I don’t feel an association with the place, but anywhere near me would probably not draw a crowd. I am thinking about it…

    thanks Eli!

    Tania, I am soooo excited!!!

  4. Any more news on the launch night? Was really glad to hear about the cover and how good it looked, it becomes more of a reality like that, doesn’t it? Big smiles xxxxx

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