Favourite Things

I have come across How to Pour Madness into a Teacup by Abegail Morley, her first collection of poems. I first read excerpts in 2011 Forward Prize anthology. I immediately bought her book, a Cinnamon Press collection with a gorgeous cover.

Short poems are little glimpses into worlds filled with pain, mystery, ambivalence and madness. There is so much to unravel. I especially loved the book because each poem reaches beyond expectation, beyond the strange, and leaves you with a vast vision to play with. You feel as though all of the poems are toying with your comprehension with their curious phrases and imaginative worlds whose inhabitants are unusual creatures. This work is mature, the poems are sure of what they are. The book appealed to me, at my age and with my experiences. It is a real treat and one which I shall read again and again.

My favourite poem in the book, Yellow Trousers, gives so much in such a short, clipped poem about an absent-minded man. You have to invest some imagination in some of the poems, you make up your own versions about characters and situations. There is colour and texture and life; the poems are human, and there is always a tinge of sadness, but not self indulgence or misery. Poems are never in the first person, just distanced from the poet,  just that little bit off kilter. Sometimes they feel numb, but they all deliver in terms of language, which is piercing and never in excess.

 Some of my other favourite things of the moment are:

Re-reading The Master and Margarita


Doctor Sharma

virtually no drowsiness

kind and thoughtful emails


watching the kids enjoy ice cream

cobalt blue sky

no more cheap teabags

crushed satin

new shoes

to do lists

washing lines

sewing machines

Emily critchley

Simon Barraclough

Cold Comfort Farm

Tears in the Fence (need subscriptions)


April sun

new friends

old friends

watching Waterloo Road with Lil

frank conversations

waking up with the alarm not five am

homemade leek and potato soup

 40 lengths

haircuts with Jess

no more anxiety meds


holding hands

Drum solos


Thanks for dropping by! xx


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