What’s Hot What’s Not July 2011

Going Up


Carson McCullers

Carol at the clinic

Lukewarm beverages

Krzysztof Kieslowski films

Discovering Lucie Brock-Broido

Being Birthday Girl

Hospital dramas

football and flowerpicking

pedro almodover films

running races on the field track

skipping down the street

re-reading favourite novels

CD albums

anna calvi


old book shops

best friends

reminiscing albums


Writer Interviews

riverside walks hand in hand

new swirly dresses

Albert Camus

R.D Laing

homemade birthday cake

making wishes

new shades

spoiling children

big school

La Locanda in Gisburn


playing Luke’s World

pina colada

not sleepy after a glass of wine

family visits


lemon pepper marinated salmon

my hero




Going Down


Being 28

forgetting names

arthritic handwriting

phone hacking

floods of tears

scissors paper stone

fighting angst with angst


bad hair days

sleigh bells


dog walking strangers conversations

Keano Reeves

Hollywood movies

ironing piles

putting together new toys

cooking meat

general stroppiness

being too honest


early nights

tellings off

meeting old teachers

being caught in the rain in sandals

no good exhibitions


going out without me

sudden memories of Hard Times

not knowing what to say

moth infestations

bad dreams that the house is on fire


hair appointments


the smell of bug spray

microwaves exploding soup





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