A Few Of My Favourite Things…

Here are some of my favourite things from 2011. Not all of them are products of this past year but they are things I have enjoyed this year. I would like to say happy Christmas to all my readers and people who have taken the time to comment on my blog. I will post more in the New Year. I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while but I’m eager to write more after the festivities. Much love to all x

Favourite Poetry Collection : Abegail Morley – Snow Child

Favourite Poet : Priscilla Uppal

Favourite Poem : Domestic Mysticism – Lucie Brock-Broido

Favourite Novel : The Canal – Lee Rourke

Favourite Fictional Character : Smilla Jasperson from Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow

Favourite Book Cover : Emily Critchley – Love/ All That/ & OK

Favourite Literary Magazine : Tears In The Fence

Favourite Play : Kalagora – Siddharta Bose

Favourite Blog : forgettingthetime.blogspot.com

Favourite Album : C’mon – Low

Favourite Song : Juniper – Y La Bamba

Favourite Film : Talk To Her

Favourite TV : This Is England ’88

Favourite Place : Barafundle Bay

Favourite Moment : Watching Steven skydive


3 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favourite Things…

  1. Here I was reading your very inspiring list full of things I have yet to discover and then I saw my face, bless you, thanks Mel, here’s too much more inspiring things in 2012 (and less of the bad things) xx

  2. I saw Abi’s wonderful “Snow Child” listed and then saw all your other favourite things. I’ll be back to explore 🙂

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