Fried Egg Day

DSC_0021 (3)

This evening we packed up and went to Slaidburn village green and had a wonderful impromptu picnic. I baked flapjack and Luke made egg salad, and I had some sneaky pinot grigio and we shared a flask of coffee. We totally took over the green. No-one else was there and we played football, I threw a ball for Charlie though he got too hot and gave up. The kids explored the river and the bridge and Steven and I lay on a blanket and enjoyed the sunshine. I finished Nightwood and the kids scored penalties against Steven ‘the cat’ Houghton. Lil and Steven tried to convince Luke the government have announced a new day, in between Thursday and Friday which will commence tomorrow and will be named ‘Fried Egg Day’ in which everyone must eat a mandatory fried egg, as there are too many chickens and a surplus of eggs.

DSC_0005 (2)

DSC_0030 (2)


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