Kim-aKim-aKim-aKim-aKim-aKi-mo-o-no (to the tune of Karma Chameleon)

It’s sometimes hard to sew without a mannequin or dummy so Steven is my dummy when I need to pin something out. This is what I made today; my peonies kimono. I can’t say it looks better on me because I think Steven looks frankly adorable.

Luke took ill on Wednesday as a result of being poisoned by a suspected parasite in the water when we went camping; it’s all over the area and the water isn’t safe to drink, but we didn’t know. He did drink the water whereas we only had it boiled. It’s really terrible and the poor mite has been ever so poorly so it’s been a lot of cuddling, ’80s movies, Nintendo, cups of tea and sewing. It’s been very upsetting seeing him ill but he is recovering now.

This is what I made:



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