My Entire Wardrobe Part I

Hello followers,

I doubt I’ve written anything for my blog for an awfully long time. So much has changed. Very hard to do a catch up here but I lived in London for a while, Sunshine garnered shortlistings and a Somerset Maugham Award, I moved to Blackburn to be with my children with my partner, Robbie, and we adopted a cat and her three kittens. Now we live in a kind of quiet suburban paradise in comparison to the trials which were Hackney and South Tottenham. I also published a pamphlet with Offord Road Books titled Cumshot in D Minor which you can get hold of here: Buy Cumshot Here

Offord Road Books Melissa Lee-Houghton Page

Please do support ORB as they are a wonderful new press run by Martha Sprackland and Patrick Davidson Roberts, both wonderful poets in their own right.

I was very poorly last year as a lot of people know, and had major surgery to remove a mass in my breast. I had a life-threatening infection for many months but since recovering slightly I became unwell with severe symptoms of a neurological disorder and now often use a wheelchair and have found my life changed incomparably. It’s made traveling, doing readings, visiting friends, almost impossible. I found I couldn’t work so we’ve been struggling and so I’m selling all my clothes (there are a lot of them!) in the coming months, bit by bit, on ebay. Do please take a look and I will add more each month:

Melissa Lee-Houghton’s Ebay Shop Women’s Clothes and Vintage Clothes

There’s plenty of really cheap steals and buy it now on some items. I’ll be adding a bass guitar and lots of curios in the coming months, and maybe some poetry-type memorabilia and person items. I want to be able to take my son on some trips over the holidays and the money will really help us manage to do that. Please do RT/Share the link as this will help us a great deal.

I also have a Go Fund Me campaign I’ve received a hell of a lot of support from and which I’m beyond grateful for. I’ve opened it up again so do have a look to see what’s happening and if you can spare a fiver, it all helps so much.

Go Fund Me MLH

I’ll try and update more. MLH x


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