I am a poet & writer of short fiction based in North West England. I was recently selected by The Poetry Book Society as one of the Next Generation Poets 2014.

My first collection of poems, A Body Made of You, published by Penned in the Margins was released in April 2011. You can read reviews over at Friction and at Hipster Book Club.

Beautiful Girls, my second collection, was released in November by Penned in the Margins and was selected as a Poetry Book Society Recommendation for Winter 2013. The poem ‘Square Man‘ was featured as The Saturday Poem in The Guardian in June 2014.

I am a regular reviewer for The Short Review and have contributed to literary magazines such as Poetry Wales, 3:AM, Tears in the Fence, Poetry Salzburg Review, The White Review, The New Writer, La Reata and The Reader. My poem, ‘Jim’ was featured in Starry Rhymes, a chapbook published by Read This Press, to commemorate what would have been the 85th birthday of Allen Ginsberg.

Some praise for A Body Made of You:

“Melissa Lee-Houghton’s highly original and innovative debut might be considered an epistolary tour-de-force… It is an extraordinary achievement and a must-read book for 2011.”
Chris Hamilton-Emery

“Melissa Lee-Houghton’s A Body Made Of You is a restless book; images pile high full of a deep questioning of the friends, lovers and strangers who populate these poems. This collection is an intense ‘naming of parts’ made of body, soul, and memory.”
John Siddique

“I feel alive when I read Melissa’s poetry. It is raw, anthropological and sassy…Her dramatic glimpses of being are full of honesty, wit and understanding…You will feel the range of psychology; her emotional and poetic register and be in awe at its resonance. You will see her double vision.” David Caddy

“Everything about this collection reveals something about the visceral ugliness and innate passion of the human condition through the extremely physical experiences of the speaker…With a keen eye and an even sharper tongue, these poems do not shy away from any aspect of self, or language…” Sophie F. Baker, Mslexia

“These are musical and metrical poems…The collection is a passionate and living series of poetic vignettes exploring love, sex, self-destruction and death, within the imaginative space of the portrait…Lee-Houghton’s debut is a conceptual and original interrogation of artists, lovers and friends, through an honest and seductive language.” John Challis, Friction

“Lee-Houghton’s flair for rich description meets the speaker’s curious fascinations…Her words are soaked in [a] tension between body and mind, between who we are supposed to be and the god-awful gorgeousness of who we really are.” MeLaina Evans, Hipster Book Club

“I can safely say that this is the most fascinating, beautiful poetry collection I have read in years… This collection was so damn beautiful that it made my chest physically hurt.” Jen Campbell

Thanks for stopping by.

Melissa x


8 thoughts on “About

  1. hayy, my name is cayley, i am amazied on how muck you remind me of your self your poems sound like my life i have only read 3 but it sounds like me. do youu have any more poems?? cayley

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  4. Hello, I’m contacting you from NetBooster, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Cornwall. Love your blog, do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thanks – Imogen.

  5. Was that your story on Radio 4 on Sunday – Dark Vignettes, Intertia? If so, many congratulations! IT was absolutely believable and quite chilling.

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