We all consume products and produce that aren’t green , environmentally friendly, fair trade or in any way conscientious of workers in other countries being paid only what it takes to keep them alive. People now can’t afford to pay the extra cost and will buy cheap goods, cheap clothes, knowing that often sweat shops and factories abroad produced the goods to be paid very unfair wages in terrible conditions. We know this and yet we still buy. Like I said, some people can’t afford not to.

All that as it is, is one thing. Clothes, food, we need. The workers’ efforts are not entirely in vain. But one thing that really irks me, really makes me mad, is Bonfire Night. Bonfires. Fireworks. Children in poor countries, adults, poverty stricken human beings make these things, which last about 25 seconds on average. People die in these factories.

‘The United States imports of pyrotechnics and explosives from China is approaching $1 billion. Children are working in the fireworks industry. A recent report described an explosion at a fireworks factory in Hebei that killed one child and injured 34 schoolgirls ranging from 11 to 13 years of age. Investigators found that the school children had been forced by their teachers to work for slave wages making firecrackers.’ -Megan Grau

Children die and are injured as a result of fireworks every year, and yet we carry on. There is a shop nearby selling them, and on the list the fireworks go up to around £100 for not even a minute of enjoyment and I cannot believe that in the times we are living in it is drilled into kids at school and nobody ever gives a second thought to where their fireworks have come from.

What I’m saying is what is the fucking point? Yes I’m a killjoy. You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. There may be many things you use and buy that aren’t ethically valid but nothing possibly as mental and as pointless as fireworks.

I hate my kids being around them, I get anxious. Neither of them has the sense to deal with explosives and my youngest has no fear. On average there are 1000 injuries in Britain from fireworks per year. It might not sound too bad but if it ends up being your kid.. Kids out of school get hold of them, me and my daughter had one thrown at us one year, it missed us. I just don’t know why people celebrate it.

Oh aren’t I the little misery guts today! x